Site Remediation - Traffic Management

The 'Remediation' phase will involve the transportation of the excavated contaminated soil off-site in sealed containers to a licenced thermal treatment facility in mainland Europe.
This activity will generate increased traffic through Clarecastle village. This traffic flow is meticulously panned and carefully managed.
A dedicated team has been assigned to this critical aspect of the project. A 'Traffic Management Plan' has been developed to ensure that disruption to the community due to project-related traffic movements will be kept to an absolute minimum.

The key elements of the Plan are shown in this graphic: 
Roche Traffic Management
Roche Ireland is committed to maintaining the highest safety and environmental standards throughout this final phase of the project.
We will maintain active communication with the community on all traffic-related activity throughout the 'Remediation' phase.


An on-site logistics team, comprising a Logistics Manager and a Logistics Coordinator, has been appointed to manage and control all HGV traffic coming to and leaving the site. The logistics team will be the primary contact for the HGV drivers and the traffic marshals appointed to monitor traffic movement in the village.