Phase 2 – Demolition 

This aspect of the Decommissioning Project involved the demolition of all underground and over-ground buildings, facilities, roads, and infrastructure within the site boundary, with the exception of the ESB compound and the Fisherman’s Cottage and the appropriate disposal and treatment of all associated waste.

With the equipment removed from the buildings and the external piping disconnected and removed off-site (as part of the ‘Clean to Shell’ phase), the ‘Demolition’ phase commenced in June 2021. 

Demolition was carried out in a phased basis:

This phase involved the demolition of all structures across the site to ground level. Specialised demolition equipment was used to ensure that the process was carried out in the safest possible manner. These materials were then sorted and transported off-site, similar to the ‘Clean to Shell’ phase. Approximately 30000 tonnes/3,000 truckloads of material were transported off-site arising from this work - 5,000 truck movements in total arising from the 'Clean to Shell' and 'Demolition' phases.

The majority of the concrete from the demolition activities was crushed on-site and will be used as infill, subject to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval. The decision to crush the concrete significantly reduced the number of truck movements to and from the site during the 'Demolition' phase.

Following demolition, areas of the site where the buildings were located were resurfaced as appropriate. This will enable the remediation of areas of the site where there is a risk of soil contamination to proceed.

Demolition Phases
The ‘Demolition’ phase was completed in June 2022.
Decommissioning: Demolition

This gallery contains images showing the work undertaken during the ‘Demolition’ phase.