Strict adherence to Health and Safety Protocols and Environmental Standards

Roche is committed to ensuring that the decommissioning of its Clarecastle site does not impinge negatively on the environment. All work undertaken on-site is therefore guided by Roche's Global Remediation Policy and the principles of its Corporate Social Responsibility, which exceed current Irish legal requirements and the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) requirements.

The controls put in place by the EMC team ensure:

  • That all emissions to atmosphere, ground, surface water is monitored/ sampled & adheres to the current Industrial Emission Licence.
  • That all sampling, analysis, inspections, investigations & auditing requirements are satisfied.
  • That all environmental complaints are investigated, recorded and reported.
  • That all investigations into environmental incidents or potential incidents adhere to EPAs “Guidance on Incident Notification” and that all external stakeholders (Environmental Protection Agency, Inland Fisheries Ireland & Clare County Council) are notified & informed of corrective & preventive measures that have been implemented.
  • That an Environmental Management System is in place in place for the facility in accordance to ISO 14001:2015. (DO'C to check this out)
  • Continually improving environmental performance by setting objectives and targets and implementing them through an environmental programme.
  • Liaise with stakeholders pertaining to the Roche Ireland's Industrial Emission Licence review, Environmental Impact Assessment Report and Closure, Restoration and Aftercare Management Plan (CRAMP).
  • That all statutory and non-statutory reporting requirements are satisfied.

These controls enable the preparation of regular reports that contain the necessary data to demonstrate that all activities taking place are being managed in such a manner that the licensing and planning conditions set down by the EPA and Clare County Council are respected.