Brian Staunton
Project Operations Manager, Indaver

Brian Staunton, Project Operations Manager, explains his role in the remediation project, how the excavation work is undertaken and the logistics of taking contaminated soil off-site.

The three areas of environmental concern on-site, which will be remediated in the order as set out below, include:
1. AEC 1 – the former main production building
2. The Landfill – which contains various wastes in multiple cells. This landfill was capped and sealed in 2006.
3. AEC 2 – the former location of underground storage tanks.

Planning for Remediation

A considerable amount of work was carried out to profile the composition of the waste at these areas prior to the works commencing. Site investigation works, including physical and geotechnical assessments of the ground conditions, was also undertaken. Additional site preparations, including the siting of contractors’ compounds, the logistics for managing the flow of traffic to and from the site, and the preparation of a traffic management plan, were also scoped out in advance of work commencing.

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