Community Communication

As a proud member of the Clarecastle community, Roche is keen to maintain open lines of communication with the community on all aspects of the Site Decommissioning Project.
We have three well-established channels of communication and these will continue throughout the final 'Remediation' Phase.

1. Project Website

This project website, which has been live since the project commenced in 2020. This site is updated on a regular basis to showcase the scale of the project and the work involved.
  • The photo and video galleries contain photographs and videos on every aspect of the project. Each gallery is linked to a specific area of the project, for easy retrieval. New photos and videos will be added in the months ahead as we move through the different stages of remediation.

2. Project Update Newsletter

Our quarterly Project Updatenewsletter, which is also uploaded onto this website:
We are now into our 6th edition of this newsletter. If you have been unable to secure a hard copy of any of the editions, via our distribution in the community, or from Clarecastle Post Office, please download a copy or copies from this website (add in link to News page) or call the Communications team at 065 688 5101 /email:

3. Community Liaison Group (CLG)

The Community Liaison Group, or CLG, which has been in existence for over 20 years, is an important medium for us to communicate with the wider community. Our engagement with the CLG has continued since the decommissioning work commenced and will continue as the remediation phase progresses. A typical meeting agenda includes: 
  1. Welcome and Introduction to the Roche Clarecastle team.
  2. Project and general update
  3. Environmental update
  4. Traffic Management status
  5. Any other business (AOB)

Channels of Communication Available to the Community
Dympna O’Callaghan, Site Communications Lead


Site Communications Lead Dympna O’Callaghan explains the various channels of communication available to the community and provides contact details for getting in touch with the team.

Community Outreach

Roche continually meets with and updates community groups on the work being undertaken on-site. This gallery contains photos taken during these visits.

A dedicated Communications team

We also have a dedicated communications team here on-site.
If you have any questions or comments about the project, email us at: or call 065 688 5101