Throughout the decommissioning of the Clarecastle site, strict conditions for operating the site will be adhered to.

Site Access, Haulage Route


  • HGVs will exit the site and head north on Clarehill towards Clarecastle, turn right on L4174 (Patrick Street) and continue onto R458 to the M18 (Exit 11).
  • Average of 15 HGVs/hour, comprising approximately - 8 HGVs out and 7 HGVs in per hour or vice versa – with peaks of 18 HGVs/hour - 9 HGVs out and 9 HGVs in per hour.
  • An estimated 63,000 HGV movements are associated with the site decommissioning over the duration of the project.
  • HGVs will carry 20 ft. containers.
  • A wheelwasher will be used on all HGVs leaving the site to mitigate debris and dust on the roads.
  • Kerbsides and/or road infrastructure will be monitored for site traffic-related damage and remediated
Working Hours
Onsite working hours will be from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturdays. Work provisions outside weekdays and Saturday hours will be agreed in advance with Clare County Council (if needed).   
The existing Roche car park to the west of the site (166 spaces) will be used during the works.
Site Security
Manned security at site entrance will monitor and control all vehicular and pedestrian access to the site during working hours.
Approximately 160 people will be employed on-site during peak periods. The work will be overseen by a team comprising Roche, and a team of project consultants and engineers with leading-edge experience and expertise in decommissioning.